How To Relieve Stress Naturally?

How To Relieve Stress Naturally - techniques for relaxation

How to relieve stress: in everyday life there are many situations that can make us feel anxious, nervous, angry or threatened. These sensations are known as stress. Many people suffer from stress because of conflicts, pressures, the body interprets as a threat.

And although we do not see in our body but many events occur that lead stress. The pituitary gland responds by ordering the adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol stress hormones.

How To Relieve Stress Naturally - techniques for relaxation

In the following paragraphs we will see how to relieve stress.

How to deal with stress: these prepare the body to fight or be safe from any threat to deal with stress, the muscles are tightened and circulation accelerate breathing and heart rate. This helps to react quickly to danger, but if these events are constant and ever more frequently, the body begins to lose the ability to fend off diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and mental exhaustion.

How to manage stress: Stress does not always have to be negative. A certain amount of tension is necessary for life interesting and rewarding, plus it is what drives us to act. Stress good revives the mind and body but the bad stress causes tension that affects the body and over time enfermndonos ends.

How to reduce stress: The stress is the opposite of being relaxed is very important to understand the fast pace we live today learn to relax and avoid tension caused by stress hormones. Besides the natural remedies is important to take time each day to unwind and get away from daily chores. Physical exercise is also very effective stop to relieve stress. There are also many herbal remedies and therapies to reduce many types of water stress.

Techniques on how to relieve stress: If you believe that two or more of these situations are happening, you should analyze your life to recognize stress and think about those things that cause stress and seek measures to prevent this from causing health problems.

How to relieve stress fast and feel good

Got stress?

  • Have trouble concentrating
  • You feel angry and impatient
  • You can not rest or stop thinking
  • It makes you listen to others difcil
  • You do not enjoy things that you loved before
  • How to relieve stress headaches and not get angry

What to do:

Tips on how to relieve stress

How to overcome stress: After the bath and dried before put three drops of lavender essential oil in a towel and rub Hmed whole body.

How to beat stress: Yawn, if you believe it or not yawning helps them relax because it stretches the muscles, increases oxygen in the body and releases tension. Yawn and stretch your arms several times a day.

How reduce stress: Nuts are a good source of vitamins and minerals for the nervous system and cardiovascular system as they contain magnesium and vitamin B. Eating nuts increases concentration and helps fight stress.

How to destress: Medicinal tea herbal relaxant, such as chamomile, orange blossom, hawthorn, lavender and hypericum.

How to avoid stress: Hydrotherapy is very effective for relaxing muscles and rebalances the metabolism.

How to relax stress: Good holidays, when you take a vacation stay away at least ten days to relax. The simplest the better, so they are not the holidays that cause you stress. Simply take a taxi or bus to a good hotel and forget the computer and phone problems.

Relaxation exercises – combat stress

tecniques for relaxation - combat stress

This is an ideal exercise for those moments in which we have experienced much stress or pressure as after a hard day of work, an important exam, etc. It is recommended that you tranquilices you once you get home and not let the mind continue analyzing and mulling over and over again to the matter. The exercise consists of two parts.

tecniques for relaxation - combat stress

You will do it lying down and his eyes closed as follows:

First part

Breathe as deeply you three times then takes your attention to your feet. Take your time to feel them and then imagine and feel as they weigh and relax; they weigh and relax.
Follow up taking your attention through the tibia, fibula, and knees.
Take your time to feel them and then imagine and feel as they weigh and relax; they weigh and relax.
Follow up taking your attention through the thighs, calves, genitals, buttocks and waist.
Take your time to feel them and then imagine and feel as they weigh and relax; they weigh and relax.
It continues to rise now being your attention through the abdomen, chest, back, shoulders, arms and hands.
Take your time to feel them and then imagine and feel as they weigh and relax; they weigh and relax.
It continues to rise under your care through your neck, muscles of the face, scalp, and finally mind.
Take your time to feel them and then imagine and feel as they weigh and relax; they weigh and relax.
Back to breathe deeply three times and feel like you’re an all weighing and relax; It weighs and relaxes.

Second part

Then imagine a very golden and bright light that starts to creep into your mind.
That light is completely revitalising, so it feels like you it clears the mind and calm the anxieties.
View as that light goes down your head, through your neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands, chest, abdomen, waist, buttocks and genitals, calves and thighs, knees, tibia and fibula, ankle and finally feet.
Keep as long as you need so that light flood all those parts of your body and revitalize them, clear and balances.
When you’ve reached the feet imagine and feel how light makes you are all gold, comes out to jets by the plants of the same, and begins to move slowly. See moving the body slowly to go stir you exercise and finally opens his eyes.
Then get up and stretch you, especially the back.

Practice it whenever you want and soon begin to see the results.

Relaxation exercise

A simple exercise to help you relax after work, a stressful event, etc.

This is what you should do:

Get very comfortable clothes and take your shoes off.
Get rid of all the jewels and if you wear her hair let go. Then gently, do a few slow rotational movements with the feet, hands and head.
Take special care with head and neck if you have problems do not. And as you go by, also you begin to breathe deeply.
Then knock you in the bed, the sofa, a couch… and turn off the light.
If you want you can have a white light on and start relaxing music.
Note the stretched body backs and more comfortable.
Breathe slowly, but comfortable.
Then he begins to imagine a wonderful blue sky without a cloud.
During a short time remember the smell and feel of the air when the sky is clear. Recalls how comfortable you feel in a day as well.
After that sky, you imagine in your mind a great and deep blue ocean.
Watch carefully it is quiet and you can hear the gentle waves.
Feel the depth and serenity of the sea during another moment.
After that wonderful sky and that calm and deep sea adding a beautiful Sun dawning.
Flood you the feeling of freshness and renewal that it conveys the dawn each and every one of the days of our lives.
And during a short time he enjoys it.
Finally get to you in the picture on top of a green grass. Another little feels the freshness and relaxation which you transmitted and enjoy it.
Finally grab visualization of the whole and for several minutes enjoying the serenity that brings you until you feel completely relaxed.

The importance of finding meaning in life

Tecniques For Relaxation - The importance of finding meaning in life

I think it’s a good time to spend a few minutes to the next question: What is the meaning of our life? Logotherapy (Viktor E. Frankl), based his speech on the importance of finding each the meaning of his own life.

Psychological health to enjoy our life must have a meaning. Understanding this sense as a reason to live. Without this reason we are much more vulnerable to disease because it is the engine by which we remain alive.

Tecniques For Relaxation - The importance of finding meaning in life

That reason should never be imposed by the environment. Beliefs and norms of our immediate environment (family, friends, and community) are not recommended assume them as their own. The meaning of life is personal. Each of us must find illusion, the engine we want to be here. That motivates us and we are happy. Always find this sense contacting our deepest feelings.

Fulfill the dreams usually involves making an effort. What matters is that we make this effort makes sense. If it is in vain, it is when we generate frustration and despair. When an effort is made so that motivates us, gives us meaning to our life, it is done with taste.

All around us we have many examples of people who take the time and effort needed to push through an illusion, and do so with enthusiasm. When this effort is done with taste is an indication that we are moving in the path we have set through which passes the meaning of our life.

On the contrary, the danger is when individuals have no meaning in your life, then you will like a ship drifting aimlessly without motor.

Another technique that uses the speech therapy that helps to understand how the meaning of our life works, is paradoxical intention. This is precisely to do the opposite of what seems to be the right thing to solve a problem. That is exaggerating the symptom to remove the anxiety generated resistance have that symptom.

When the symptom is no longer so important to us, quite the contrary, we seek, anxiety symptom disappears and becomes meaningless then.

To find the meaning in our lives we must have the intent to find him and take responsibility to identify ourselves.

The danger is not a life of hard work and dedication, but a meaningless life.