Enjoy Breakfast And Relieve Stress

We are tired of hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and bring more benefits to our body, but even though we repeated the same story, still spend hours without food or with a cup of coffee in the morning. We ignore the things that are really important to us and focus on the banalities of life or the lives of others. Many times it is more important what the neighbor cried the night before or what the colleague said of her husband, who themselves decide and organize our time for breakfast.

A few years ago with my old job, I had no time for breakfast (which was a mistake), so I resolved to eat anything after about 3 or 4 hours after getting up. Over time and with health situations that arose, I became aware that my actions harmed me and I was completely ignoring the damage I did.

I decide to change!

Today I get up early for breakfast calmly and make this time my time, take the opportunity to listen to some music I like, or read a chapter of the book that I like, or simply I concentrate on eating, enjoy, breathe and be thankful for that time. Call it what gives strength to my day and drives my day.

We reason as always, that you incorporate this habit in your day to day. Change action need not be hit, you can start with a few days until he interspersed pick up the pace and become a healthy habit and stress reliever.

Good Relaxation!

Music Therapy

There are many people and countries that use music as an adjunct to other therapies. I particularly like a lot and practice this technique.

Music Therapy

Music therapy helps to calm and integrate the activities of the nervous system. Listening to music and participating in it rhythmically through song and dance Tenson relaxes the physical and psychological. The music is carefully selected to suit each patient for some soft music and live music to others. Nervous and emotional disorders respond well to music therapy.

Painting is another art therapy may help cure mental problems and that, like musical expression, actively relaxes to anyone who engages in it as a leisure activity.

I invite you to try this therapy to get relaxation!

Music Therapy to relax

Who has not felt a different person listening to your favorite tune and who has not been isolated completely from the world around them while enjoying a good song. That music is the art that captivates most people is something already fully recognized, but is also a tool to improve the behavior of animals or plants to grow is something that leaves us amazed.

And the music is more than considered harmonic sounds for humans, and that if only enough were simple sounds with any rhythmic noise to involve people in that different world when it is obvious that it is not. Much of the music known to have a cadence and even monotonous pace does not mean that is of lower quality, only that is different from the music lacks, as it somehow beat.

So great is the influence of music on the majority of living beings (no other art possesses this quality so strongly), which has been used both to enhance the aggressiveness of the individual and to reassure them, the same way that we can use to fall asleep , relax, stimulate or concentrate. Everything depends on the type of music and the time to listen.

The same music is used for a religious ceremony to have fun, enjoy, isolated, or as a prelude to lovemaking. This we know as prestigious philosophers like Aristotle and Plato, who around the year 300 BC often used music to support his lectures at the Lyceum in Athens. And these two philosophers, especially Aristotle even more clearly understood that they were the natural sounds that could influence only in humans (wind, waves, the silence of the night), but the harmonics we now know as music were far more powerful to change the behavior and character.

We use music for any kind of learning, as well as to improve behavior problems, improve the character, increase the affection between persons of the same social group and strengthen the intellectual faculties of the mentally handicapped. At this point no one doubts the opposite effect as it has a soft music, melodious, in relation to another rhythm or “cod”. Not that this should be considered as a pejorative for one or another, the truth is that while soft music can lead to harmony and relaxation, the other generated movements, enthusiasm and aggressiveness. It is easier to organize a violent rampage at a rock concert in a concert of classical music. We might think that it is the music itself but the type of person who goes to one or another audience, or more precisely the age, but the fact is that today is just as easy to see young people listening to music by Chopin that Ketama or Sting. What determines the behavior is the kind of music and not the age of the listener.

So important is the music for the character development of people has been proven that even the effect of musical sounds in the child’s development while in the womb. By simple measurement with ultrasound and stethoscopes in mothers who heard different kinds of music, it was found that, while classical music produced slow movements of the child and no alteration of your brain and circulatory steady, rock music caused him twitching and increased your heart rate. This effect is also noticeable even when the child was born if he returned to hear the same music, showing clearly that rock music excitement and irritability made him even at low volume.

Does this mean that rock music is bad and the classic good? Not exactly, because what has been demonstrated with this is that it modifies the behavior and wisely applied over and over, at the right time, can influence the conduct and character of people.

The music should be used under three parameters:

· Cadence or rhythm.

· Intensity or volume.

· Frequency or position of the staff.

We know that the high notes, sharp, act preferentially on muscle contractures, spread rapidly in space even over short distances, strongly act on the nervous system, constitute a warning signal and increased reflections at the same time to help us or wake us out of a state of fatigue or drowsiness. As a negative factor there is the fact that the ear is particularly sensitive to them and if they are very intense and prolonged can damage it, as well as its effect on the nervous system may cause some loss of control and changes in nerve impulses that become uncontrolled.

The bass notes, bass, they seem to have influence on the nerve endings and its effect is more mechanical, so they have more influence on the hollow body parts such as lungs, heart and abdomen, perhaps because they are ideal places for the resonances . The bass notes are perceived wrong over short distances, so its immediate effect is difficult to measure, but are able to be audible for miles around. Its mechanical effect is so powerful that can crack walls, roads, land, and act with intense vibratory effect on any solid body. Therapeutically effects tend to produce dark, pessimistic about the future and extremely quiet.

The cadence of musical notes, high or low, is the second most important factor and so we must, while the slow rhythms induce peace and meditation, the fastest movement and invite externalize feelings.

The third and final element is the current musical, which has undoubtedly taken a preponderance in our century perhaps even more than the other two, because of the extraordinary development of powerful sound equipment. Any of the other two effects, timing and frequency, effects much smaller than the volume level to the point that a note or score that is soothing in itself can become irritating if the volume is higher than what that person can support.

Specific applications of music

These are some of the utilities that music therapy has for the human being:

· The singing lessons for children under three years will improve their concept of space and time.

· The brain development of children who listen to lullabies is much better.

· Children who listen to classical music thrive manual skills.

· The melodic teens who listen to music when they study have a better understanding of mathematics and science.

· In adults it is useful for psychosomatic disorders such as peptic ulcer, tachycardia, and asthma.

· The soft music, slow, produces a stimulating effect on depressed people.

· People with phobias manic or better with upbeat music, lively.

· The music heard in the group is more effective than solo, at least for mental illness.

· It produces an instant improvement in stress and anxiety.

· It is also very positive for cases of poor social relationships.

· The mentally retarded, physically handicapped, autistic children and those with deep brain disorders benefit greatly from the sessions with music.

· It also has positive effects for improving reading and writing.

· The other dance and music expressions help to improve our physical condition better and less tired than without it.

· The critically ill patients benefit greatly from it and assimilate better fate.

· The beneficial effects have been found to relieve the pain of childbirth and encourage expansion.

· The sophrology is a great help with the music, like most relaxation techniques.

· Sing suitable we can raise our mystical conception of life.

· Most religious rituals need music as an aid to meditation.

· To release emotions is better to sing or perform a musical instrument to hear it.

How to relieve stress of Natural Way

How to relieve stress: in everyday life there are many situations that can make us feel anxious, nervous, angry or threatened. These sensations are known as stress. Many people suffer from stress because of conflicts, pressures, the body interprets as a threat.

And although we do not see in our body but many events occur that lead stress. The pituitary gland responds by ordering the adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol stress hormones.


In the following paragraphs we will see how to relieve stress.

How to deal with stress: these prepare the body to fight or be safe from any threat to deal with stress, the muscles are tightened and circulation accelerate breathing and heart rate. This helps to react quickly to danger, but if these events are constant and ever more frequently, the body begins to lose the ability to fend off diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and mental exhaustion.

How to manage stress: Stress does not always have to be negative. A certain amount of tension is necessary for life interesting and rewarding, plus it is what drives us to act. Stress good revives the mind and body but the bad stress causes tension that affects the body and over time enfermndonos ends.

How to reduce stress: The stress is the opposite of being relaxed is very important to understand the fast pace we live today learn to relax and avoid tension caused by stress hormones. Besides the natural remedies is important to take time each day to unwind and get away from daily chores. Physical exercise is also very effective stop to relieve stress. There are also many herbal remedies and therapies to reduce many types of water stress.


Techniques on how to relieve stress: If you believe that two or more of these situations are happening, you should analyze your life to recognize stress and think about those things that cause stress and seek measures to prevent this from causing health problems.


How to relieve stress fast and feel good


Got stress?

Have trouble concentrating

You feel angry and impatient

You can not rest or stop thinking

It makes you listen to others difcil

You do not enjoy things that you loved before


How to relieve stress headaches and not get angry


What to do:

Tips on how to relieve stress

How to overcome stress: After the bath and dried before put three drops of lavender essential oil in a towel and rub Hmed whole body.

How to beat stress: Yawn, if you believe it or not yawning helps them relax because it stretches the muscles, increases oxygen in the body and releases tension. Yawn and stretch your arms several times a day.

How reduce stress: Nuts are a good source of vitamins and minerals for the nervous system and cardiovascular system as they contain magnesium and vitamin B. Eating nuts increases concentration and helps fight stress.

How to destress: Medicinal tea herbal relaxant, such as chamomile, orange blossom, hawthorn, lavender and hypericum.

How to avoid stress: Hydrotherapy is very effective for relaxing muscles and rebalance the metabolism.

How to relax stress: A good holiday, when you take a vacation stay away at least ten days to relax. The more simple the better, so they are not the holidays that cause you stress. Simply take a taxi or bus to a good hotel and forget the computer and phone problems.

Video of music for relaxation

The music is a very important factor when it comes to relax, to make or receive massage, stretching, meditation, among many other things. Through it we can focus our attention in different places or situations, we can positively channeling our thoughts.

I selected this music video is excellent to relax so you can begin your relaxation techniques.

You to enjoy and to relax!


Relaxing the body and mind

This is a simple exercise of relaxation that collects in any way the principles of Tai Chi. It is very easy to do and it may be done at any time of the day, preferably when you're very stressed or not you can rid of determined thought. The general idea will be leaving the body flows and moves to the sound of music. So you will need one or several songs of classical music or New Age music, non-strident or alter you, they are basically sedatives. We recommend the melodies with wind and string instruments, sounds of nature, relaxing vocals.

The exercise consists of the following steps:

The relaxation exercise carried out in a dark or nearly dark room and turn on the music you've chosen in this respect, so that the volume is to your liking. Don't be afraid to the high volume if you see that "asks it" the body. Begins the dance of foot, with your arms along the body. For a few moments, just listen to the music, not move. Breathe deeply three times, if possible as the final part of the exercise by controlling breathing. Then he starts moving your feet to the beat of the music as you want.

Keep in mind that you must move them as the body you "ask", so do not limit yourself or you have no shame. Keep this movement for a few minutes.

Then add to the movement of the feet, legs. Move them as you like, what is important is that you feel totally free, so you don't worry about doing rhythmic or aesthetic movements. Do what you get inside to hear the music and enjoy the relaxation technique. Take action for a few minutes. Spent a little time adding movement hips, the abdominal waist and the bottom of the back.

Dance relaxed leaving make your body which carry the rhythm and movements. You do not have to think about anything. Enjoy this for a few minutes. Then add you to the parts of the body that you are moving, the trunk of your body. Do not hesitate to perform movements that may arise and take a few moments to enjoy it. Then you're ready to move with the body parts that you are already moving, arms and hands.

Be original, do not stay in conventions, listen to your inner guidance and let that you show you how should be the dance you're doing. Follow all signs to you, without shame. Unlock your mind and your body. Finally you're able to also introduce movement with your neck and head in the dance. Now your whole body has move freeing any limitation. Keep dancing for several minutes. Enjoy your body! Finally, he begins to lift arms and hands slowly upward; While you're swinging you on one side and the other as if you were a tree at the mercy of the wind and it continues to enjoy the relaxation technique.

Let the balancing follow the rhythm that has chosen your body to the music you are listening to. And after several minutes, again down the arms until the initial position of the ball. So you end up as you started: listening without leaving a few minutes of music. Then you can turn the light. Check that you are much better and more relaxed. Without a doubt is an exercise in very effective relaxation that only requires a little practice. The more practise you better will be the results with this relaxation technique.

Maximum relaxation

The practice that we propose below is one of the most known to achieve a maximum degree of relaxation through techniques for relaxation. It's called Schultz technique and if you follow the simple steps you can reach unexpected levels of tranquility and inner peace.

It can be used at any time that we want, but is especially useful when we have reached a level of stress, anxiety or fear of unbearable or overflows us. Pick you very well the steps to perform them later to the maximum.

The Office is thus:

Step 1: preparation

It has to find a place where we can be totally relaxed without that nothing and nobody disturb us and make this relaxation technique. It is advisable to unplug the phone and ask for silence in the House if we share it with someone at that time. It must then create a quiet environment with very dim light.

It is the light of the candles, or let it a little bit of light in the room. Then has to choose a position most comfortable: may be lying or sitting. We will choose in that we know that we will not be upset. Beware if you choose the lying position because one could sleep right away, and now we do not seek it. What we seek is to do well the relaxation technique.

Step 2: establishment of the peace of mind

Starts the Office setting in your mind the keywords I am completely calm. These words should be spoken or mentalizadas all times make need until they have internalized. This means that to you are going by saying them they should begin to make you feel better, more peaceful and calm. It will be as well to a few simple words to become a State of mind. Not follow to the next step, until the words have been transformed in mood.

Step 3: phase of heaviness

Then look at our mind the keywords my legs are heavy. This means that you say or what you think your body is absorbing words and transforming them into a feeling of real heaviness. You must perform this process with all parts of your body. We recommend you follow an ascending order to not miss. Do not continue to the next step until that words have turned the idea into a real feeling of heaviness in your whole body.

Step 4: heat phase

At this stage the key words will be my leg right is hot. Heat produces relaxation throughout the body, as well as in the previous step, we will convert these words in a real sense in our body. You must perform this process with all parts of your body. We recommend you follow an ascending order to not miss.

Not follow to the next step until the words have transformed the idea in a real sense of heat in your body and get the benefit afforded by this technique of relaxation.

Step 5: phase of cardiac regulation

At this stage we are going to regulate the rhythm of the heart, because everyone knows feelings like nerves and fear to accelerate its function. In this case, the key words that we use are my heart has a rate constant and vigorous. As in the other steps, not continue to the next phase until that these words have become a reality for our heart. Surely you will have to repeat out mentally or high for a long time. Take all the time you need to do so.

Step 6: stage of respiratory regulation

Now, after having relaxed the muscles and regulated the activity of the heart comes time to normalize breathing. Use the keyword my breathing is quiet. Once again you get that words are no longer simple ideas and become a real sensation. If you need to breathe deeply at some point, feel free to do so. Do not continue to the next step if your breathing does not lead a quiet and natural pace.

Step 7: regulation of the abdominal viscera phase

At this stage the key words are my Plexus solar radiates heat. The solar plexus is the area of the digestive system and usually always revolt in cases of stress or fear. Heat reassure this area and will help you to achieve a greater degree of relaxation. Repeat the words until they become a real body sensation.

Step 8: cephalic regulation phase

This is the last stage and only you must get there when you've been able to overcome as indicated you step 7. Here we relajaremos the brain activity focusing on the forehead. The key words are pleasant freshness on the forehead. Repeat over and over again those words, mentally or aloud, until the brain cargazón has disappeared. When you've already you've completed the exercise.

After achieving step 8 you'll be totally relaxed and calm. You amaze the calm you emanarás with this relaxation technique. Then keep in mind that not you can quickly return to the hectic life, so they rest a little while and see recovering the force with minor movements, turns on the light and get used to it, drink a glass of water so this in tune with the technique for relaxation.

Relaxation exercises combats the stress

Relaxation exercises, This is an ideal exercise for those moments in which we have experienced much stress or pressure as after a hard day of work, an important exam, etc. It is recommended that you tranquilices you once you get home and not let the mind continues analyzing and mulling over and over again to the matter. The exercise consists of two parts.

Thou shalt do lying down and with his eyes closed in the following way:

First part

Breathe as deeply you three times then takes your attention to your feet. Take your time to feel them and then imagine and feel as they weigh and relax; they weigh and relax.
Follow up taking your attention through the tibia, fibula, and knees.
Take your time to feel them and then imagine and feel as they weigh and relax; they weigh and relax.
Follow up taking your attention through the thighs, calves, genitals, buttocks and waist.
Take your time to feel them and then imagine and feel as they weigh and relax; they weigh and relax.
It continues to rise now being your attention through the abdomen, chest, back, shoulders, arms and hands.
Take your time to feel them and then imagine and feel as they weigh and relax; they weigh and relax.
It continues to rise under your care through your neck, muscles of the face, scalp, and finally mind.
Take your time to feel them and then imagine and feel as they weigh and relax; they weigh and relax.
Back to breathe deeply three times and feel like you're an all weighing and relax; It weighs and relaxes.

Second part

Then imagine a very Golden and bright light that starts to creep into your mind.
That light is completely revitalising, so it feels like you it clears the mind and calm the anxieties.

View as that light goes down your head, through your neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands, chest, abdomen, waist, buttocks and genitals, calves and thighs, knees, tibia and fibula, ankle and finally feet.
Keep as long as you need so that light flood all those parts of your body and revitalize them, clear and balances.
When you've reached the feet imagine and feel how light makes you are all gold, comes out to jets by the plants of the same, and begins to move slowly. See moving the body slowly to go stir you exercise and finally opens his eyes.
Then get up and stretch you, especially the back.
Practise it wherever you want and soon begin to see the results.

Relaxation exercise

A simple exercise to help you to relax after work, some stressful event, etc.
This is what you should do:

Put on comfortable clothes and descalzar you.
Get rid of all the jewels and if you take the collected hair drop it. Later and very mild make a few slow rotating movements with the feet, hands and head.
Special head watch and if you have neck problems do not. And the beams at the same time sees breathing deeply.
Then knock you in the bed, the sofa, a couch,… and turn off the light.
If you want you can have a white light on and start relaxing music.
Note the stretched body backs and more comfortable.
Breathe slowly, but comfortable.
Then he begins to imagine a wonderful blue sky without a cloud.
During a short time remember the smell and feel of the air when the sky is clear. Recalls how comfortable you feel in a day as well.
Then the sky draw him in mind a vast and deep blue ocean.
Watch carefully it is quiet and you can hear the gentle waves.
Feel the depth and serenity of the sea during another moment.
After that wonderful sky and that calm and deep sea adding a beautiful Sun dawning.
Flood you the feeling of freshness and renewal that it conveys the dawn each and every one of the days of our lives.
And during a short time he enjoys it.
Finally get to you in the picture on top of a green grass. Another little feels the freshness and relaxation which you transmitted and enjoy it.
Finally get a display of the set and during several minutes enjoying the serenity which gives you until you feel completely relaxed.

Benefits of the relaxation techniques

With so many things that we have to do in our day to day, techniques for relaxation, we leave them waiting in the back seat of our life. This means that we can lose the benefits of relaxation.

If you put in practice relaxation techniques, you can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety, because immediately your body and mind will begin a:

Slow heartbeat;

Reduce blood pressure;

Reduce the rate of breathing;

Increase blood flow to major muscles;

Reduce muscle tension and chronic pain;

Improve the concentration;

Reduce the anger and frustration;

Boost confidence to handle the problems.

You see, now begins to apply the techniques of relaxation in your life!

What are the techniques of relaxation

Techniques for Relaxation are tools to act positively on our stress and psychological malaise resulting in the day to day. These tools are listed especially when we feel that we will begin to sufferanxiety or distress.

With the Techniques for Relaxation we will control our nervous system in order to avoid the consequences, which are not morethat the attitudes that we have before situations of high stress or discontent with ourselves or what we it surrounds.

The first step to a relaxation technique is "Wanting", we must want to change these States of mind or situations that are affecting us. We cannot only think we want to, because it would leave it in words, we have that take "Action".

Techniques for Relaxation you can reduce the symptoms of stress and help you to enjoy a better quality of life.

Relaxation is not only to find peace in your mind or enjoy a hobby. Relaxation is a process that reduces wear and tear on your body and mind of the challenges and problems of everyday life.