The importance of finding meaning in life

I think it’s a good time to spend a few minutes to the next question: What is the meaning of our life? Logotherapy (Viktor E. Frankl), based his speech on the importance of finding each the meaning of his own life.

Psychological health to enjoy our life must have a meaning. Understanding this sense as a reason to live. Without this reason we are much more vulnerable to disease because it is the engine by which we remain alive.

Tecniques For Relaxation - The importance of finding meaning in life

That reason should never be imposed by the environment. Beliefs and norms of our immediate environment (family, friends, and community) are not recommended assume them as their own. The meaning of life is personal. Each of us must find illusion, the engine we want to be here. That motivates us and we are happy. Always find this sense contacting our deepest feelings.

Fulfill the dreams usually involves making an effort. What matters is that we make this effort makes sense. If it is in vain, it is when we generate frustration and despair. When an effort is made so that motivates us, gives us meaning to our life, it is done with taste.

All around us we have many examples of people who take the time and effort needed to push through an illusion, and do so with enthusiasm. When this effort is done with taste is an indication that we are moving in the path we have set through which passes the meaning of our life.

On the contrary, the danger is when individuals have no meaning in your life, then you will like a ship drifting aimlessly without motor.

Another technique that uses the speech therapy that helps to understand how the meaning of our life works, is paradoxical intention. This is precisely to do the opposite of what seems to be the right thing to solve a problem. That is exaggerating the symptom to remove the anxiety generated resistance have that symptom.

When the symptom is no longer so important to us, quite the contrary, we seek, anxiety symptom disappears and becomes meaningless then.

To find the meaning in our lives we must have the intent to find him and take responsibility to identify ourselves.

The danger is not a life of hard work and dedication, but a meaningless life.

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